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The Inn Barbers is our dedicated space just for men. Here at Beauty Withinn, we know that guys value their hair just as much as women, which is why we’ve created your very own salon experience. From precision cuts, perfect fades, relaxing hot towel shaves and our new service ‘flaming ears’, you’ll enjoy a men’s grooming experience like no other at the Inn Barbers.


Call, book online or pop in today for your appointment (walk-ins welcome) and sink back in our comfy barber chair whilst our in-house barbers groom you to perfection – we’ll even serve you bean-to-the-cup coffee or with your short back and sides! All appointments include a full style consultation.


Discover Men’s Grooming with a difference visit The Inn Barbers swanky new website. . .

Cody our master barber here at Beauty Withinn has been in the business for over 10 years. Following some of the latest trends in the business he always nails the style you're looking for and if you fancy a change up then he's always available to sit down over a coffee and discuss a new direction you might want to go in.


You're in safe hands with Cody, he uses the best tools he can get his hands on to ensure precision cuts are the order of the day.

Managing your beard or facial hair can be hard work on a day to day basis. We're here to help with that struggle! Our shave services will sort you right out.


If you're looking for a beard trim or a full clean shave then we offer a traditional hot towel shave service where you will be taken through our process to achieve the closest shave possible as well as leaving your skin feeling rejuvinated and fresh.


Our process includes a mini facial, we prepare your skin before applying our shave cream, then take to it with a super sharp cut-throat razor to remove any unwanted hair down to the skin. Once done with the razor we apply our shave lotion for a calming effect and to moisturise your skin to leave it feeling soft, smooth and fresh.


It's a luxury experience, appointments last a minimum of 40mins so make sure you clear some time. It's important to indulge yourself now and then.

We are proud stockists of American Crew, a range of styling and hair maintenance products for men that are second to none.


With a different prouduct to achieve different styles you can keep your look on point 24/7 .


Ask your barber for more information about how to use product to get the style you want with yor hair.

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Eyebrow Waxing                                                                    £9                

Eyebrow Threading                                                               £7


Male Manicure                                                             30 mins   £25

Cuticle work, scrub, nail buffing, file & massage


Male Pedicure                                                               45 mins   £25

Foot spa, cuticle work, scrub using essential oils,

file & massage



Shoulders & Arms



Chest & Back  





Gents Haircut & Wash                                                                                       £25                                                                                                                 with Relaxing Head Massage for 20 mins


Express Shave -                                                                                                  £10

Hot steam towel, cut throat razor shave,

aftershave balm to finish and leave the skin soothed.

Add a haircut for just £10.


Traditional Shave -                                                                                             £18

Hot steam towel, cut throat razor shave,

this is then repeated to deliver the closest possible shave. We then apply

aftershave balm to finish and leave the skin soothed.

A traditional shave with a hair cut to finish:                                                £25


Deluxe Wet Close Shave                                                                                             £28

includes facial exfoliation, hot steam towel with essential oils,

two shaves and facial masque, refreshing cold towel to finish.

A traditional shave with a hair cut to finish:                                                £32


This amazing treatment is bringing back the life old tradition of barbering for

the discerning gentleman. Perfect for a night on the town, getting married or

even going on holiday.

Makes a perfect unique gift for that hard to find present


Deep Back Cleansing Treatment                                                           45 mins   £30

includes cleanse, exfoliation, mask & relaxing back massage


S.O.S Purifying Facial                                                                    1 hr 15 mins  £50

Purify congested skin and clear complexion                                                                                                                        

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Latest Customer Review


As a guy, I always seem to leave my hair cut to the last minute. So, there I was, looking like an overgrown yeti in desperate need of a cut when I stumbled across the Inn Barbers at Beauty Withinn and managed to get a walk-in appointment with their resident barber Cody.


Wow… what a great place! There’s a dedicated space just for blokes and there’s even beer if you fancy a cool bottle of the good stuff! Cody cut my hair just how I wanted and I even tried his signature ‘flaming ears’ treatment. What’s flaming ears I hear you ask? Well, it sounds painful but it isn’t, promise!  This age old tradition entails sweeping a hot flame across your ears to get rid of those pesky hairs that come with age (or should I say maturity…) and it works a treat! Hairs disappeared straight away and my smooth, fuzz free ears complimented my sharp new haircut perfectly!


The Inn Barbers and Cody’s attention to detail really impressed me. The salon as a whole has a great atmosphere too and I’ve already booked my next appointment (I have to make sure I get in with Cody now, he’s a popular guy and I don’t want to go anywhere else now!)


Next time I’m going to try a traditional shave too. I deserve it. So guys, if you need a dapper cut, slick shave or just want to get rid of pesky ear hairs, see Cody at the Inn Barbers. Oh and ladies… He does a great cut and blow-dry for you too, when I told the wife where I had been, she told me that Cody was her hairdresser too and how much she loved his ‘show-dry’s’! I think we’ll be fighting over him from now on!


Dan Kane, Northampton.

It's not only women who need to keep their brows in shape, men do too!


Nobody wants to suffer from an out of shape mono brow, keep your brows in check and looking natural but smart with our threading service.

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